Your finances deserve your attention in order to stay healthy and strong; to keep you “financially well“.


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How does one live “financially well”?

To live financially well, you must:

  • learn the difference between a “need” and a “want” and qualify each purchase prior to making it. Make “want” purchases rarely, if ever
  • live within (or, better yet, below) your means
  • start, and make monthly contributions to, an emergency fund (no withdraws!)
  • reduce your spending if your income drops (goal: continue to save); increase your savings if your income increases (goal: do not increase spending)
  • view your savings as fuel; the more you have, the more likely you are to live a “financially well” life

About Me:

After working more than two decades as a full-time Certified Public Accountant (CPA), I decided to compile all of the knowledge I’ve accumulated about taxes, personal finances, and general financial literacy into one place: I’m writing a book! I’m thrilled to announce that my first-ever book will be released in early 2018. I hope it will help people of all backgrounds, incomes, and walks of life find success in their financial journeys.

My goal in launching this site is to take that one step further by offering my knowledge in the personal finance space to anyone who may benefit from it. Not only can I help others this way, but I can further add to my own knowledge and continue to learn. As a CPA, there is no better way to understand the domestic (and even global) financial environment than by talking to people, learning their experiences, and find out where there are disconnects in public knowledge of finances. Who knows? Maybe I can help fill in some of those gaps!


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